Ela Orchard

Ela Orchard is located in Rochester, Wisconsin. We grow  many varieties of apples and pears, and we press fresh apple cider.

Dec 11, 2014



The Apple Barn is  open  everyday from Noon until 6 PM.

We  pressed fresh apple cider on Wednesday Dec 10, and  have gallons and half gallons available until we  out

Our 2014  HONEY is  available in 1 lb and 3 lb jars at the Apple Barn.


The 2014  harvest is complete .

We  have a good supply of McIntosh, Jonagold, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious in the weeks ahead.   We also  have at present , Ida Red, Golden Russet and a number of other varieties.

 The Black Willow Twig trees did  not produce this year to any extent, so we are without this mainstay of our winter apples this year.

The Ida Reds, which also are an important variety in our winter selling had a light crop this year. We have them available now, but will run out of them sooner than usual.



We plan to be at the Market at Monona Terrace this Saturday Dec 13. We will have

Fresh Apple Cider and Ida Reds, McIntosh, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Red Delicous, Russet 



We plan to be at the Milwaukee County Indoor Market at the Domes this Saturday Dec 12.

We will have Fresh Apple Cider and a good variety of apples for eating and baking.