Ela Orchard

Ela Orchard is located in Rochester, Wisconsin. We grow  many varieties of apples and pears, and we press fresh apple cider.


Thursday Aug 9, 2018


Our Apple Season is underway.

We  have picked the Lodi apples and have started picking Melba apples

We plan to be at the Burlington Market this afternoon from 3 to 7, and at the Dane County Farmers' Market and the Greendale Market on Saturday Aug 11, and at Shorewood Aug 12 with the first summer apples of the season.

Lodi apples make great pies and apple crisp and sauce, and for people who like  tart eating apples,will enjoy this early picking of Lodis.

This week's first picking of Melba is firm and fairly tart with the Melba flavor starting to come through. For those of you waiting to make your Melba sauce, the Melbas will be deeper ripe and more flavorful in the sauce as in a week or two.

We have not officially opened the Apple Barn, and probably will do so at the end of August, but for any one who wants to come get some apples now we will gladly arrange a time to meet you at the barn.

Of note: We have fine supply of yarn for knitters. We send our wool to a mill and it gets mixed with other small flocks, and we just got back our  yarn.  We have many colors, so there will be a good selection through the Fall