Ela Orchard

Ela Orchard is located in Rochester, Wisconsin. We grow  many varieties of apples and pears, and we press fresh apple cider.

Sept 22, 2016

The Apple Barn is open now everyday  from noon until 6.


We are picking McIntosh, Cortland and  Honeycrisp now and they are available.

 Macoun, Spartan, Snow, Jonathan, Jonagold, Russet and a number of other varieties are still growing and we will be picking them in the coming weeks as they ripen. Macouns are getting close.

 Parker Pears are picked and  ready and  are very tasty.

Moonglow pears are picked and should be ripening   in October. There is a nice crop this year.

We plan to be at the Burlington Market Thursday Sept 22,

at the Dane Co Farmers' Market,  Sat. Sept 24,

at the Greendale Market Sat Sept 24 and

at the Shorewood Market  on Sunday Sept 25,


We pressed a small batch of fresh apple cider on Wednesday Sept 21 and will have it at the Markets and the barn while the supply lasts but will run out sooner than we would like this week because we do not yet have enough apples to make a bigger batch.  We plan to press again next Wednesday Sept 27.


We do not have pick your own at Ela Orchard